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Expected Impacts

The FLEXTURBINE project will have major impacts with regard to the EU policy objectives for electricity generation, defined in the energy roadmaps 2030 and 2050:

  • To cope with climate change the EU aims at progressively reducing fossil energy sources (FES) in all domains of human activity. This will imply the substitution of FES as a source for generating electricity. By 2050, the aim is to have renewable energy source (RES) share of up to 97% of electricity production.
  • To guarantee a secure electricity supply, which is critical for the wellbeing of society and economy. Risk to supply stability are unacceptable in our modern society. The supply may also be threatened by uncertainties with respect to the sufficient and efficient electricity supply from RES.
  • To ensure economic effectiveness of electricity supply regarding cost of electricity for the customer on one side, i.e. private or industry sector, which is key to EU economic competitiveness. On the other side the plant and network investments and operations must be affordable for the electricity operators. The latter is even more difficult for many operators as they have to cope with the implications of major long-term energy policy decisions.