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Advanced technologies for heat and electricity production

Project title:  TACR_logo

Advanced technologies for heat and electricity production

Provider: Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


The Technology agency of the Czech Republic program to support the long-term cooperation in research, development and inovations between public and private sectors of the Competence Center

Duration: 01/2016 - 12/2019PTTE_logo

Data confidentiality level:

C - The resolved content of the project is subject to trade secrets (Section 504 of the Civil Code), but the project title, objectives and a completed or stopped project evaluation of the outcome delivered to CEP are modified to be publicly available.


The project focuses on applying the latest knowledge in the field of heating, in particular to expand the knowledge of fuel properties, to improve the equipment efficiency, to reduce its own consumption and to optimize distribution networks. Research, project and production organizations are represented in the research team, thererofe the implementation of the research results in practice is ensured. It will also strengthen the position of participating production organizations in the market. Education of a new generation of heating professionals.

The project part operated by the Department of Power System Engineering focuses on cogeneration units, especially on optimization of exhaust pipe systems and on monitoring and appropriate adjustment of a temperature field within the cogeneration unit boxes. Another area focuses on a solution of combustion process optimization in heating plants. Both activities are in co-operation with the industrial partner TEDOM a.s.Tedom_logo

More information about the project: www.ptte.cz

More information about the project partner: www.tedom.com