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Subjects taught at KKE

The complete list of all accredited subjects, including study plans, are available on portal.zcu.cz


Winter semester

Summer semester

KKE/ CE Man and energy KKE/ ATC Advanced Thermodynamic Cycles
KKE/ EVO Energy Utilization and Waste Disposal KKE/ BP Bachelor Thesis
KKE/ EXK Visits KKE/ DP Thesis Tutorial
KKE/ HE Hydroenergetics KKE/ JEP Nuclear Power Plant Primary Circuit
KKE/ JEV NPP Construction and Operation KKE/ JES Nuclear Power Plant Secondary Circuit
KKE/ JST Special Technologies KKE/ JRE Nuclear Unit Control
KKE/ MT Fluid Mechanics KKE/ MJE Measurements in nuclear power engineering
KKE/ PJE Nuclear Power Plant Operation KKE/ MPC Installation and Operation of Power Plants
KKE/ PP Thesis Related Practical Training KKE/ MT2 Fluid Mechanics 2
KKE/ PTC Power Plant Design KKE/ PBP Bachelor Thesis Project
KKE/ PTK Steam Turbines and Condensers KKE/ PDJE Technical Diagnostics on Nuclear Power
KKE/ PTT Gas Turbines and Turbcompressors KKE/ PDP Thesis Related Project
KKE/ SMT Seminar from Fluid Mechanics KKE/ PTH Heat and Mass Transfer
KKE/ SPB Semester project B KKE/ RAT Power Plant Control and Automation
KKE/ SPM Semester project M KKE/ STM Seminar from Thermomechanics
KKE/ SZV Combustion Devices and Heat Exchanger KKE/ TJR2 Nuclear Reactor Theory 2
KKE/ THR Nuclear Reactor Thermodynamics KKE/ TM Thermomechanics
KKE/ TJR1 Nuclear Reactor Theory 1 KKE/ TPPS Combined Heat and Power Generation
KKE/ TSM Boosting combustion engine theory KKE/ TPS Turbomachine Theory
KKE/ TT Fluids and Heat KKE/ TTT Termodynamic Cycles
KKE/ VSMT Selected Topics from Fluid Mechanics KKE/ TZP Environmental Engineering
KKE/ ZES Testing of Power Machines KKE/ VVK Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
    KKE/ ZSZ Discussion on the given field of study