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Masters Degree

Masters study program

  • Design of power system machines and equipment

Graduates posses the knowledge of the latest calculating and construction methods using information technology in the spheres of industrial energy, thermoprocessing equipment, including alternative energy sources. They acquired basis of construction and operation of nuclear power facilities. They can perform analyses and solve given problems of construction and operation of heat and jet appliances, create variant and optimalized solutions in order to efficiently use energy sources in a particular area. For the construction and development activities, graduates draw from knowledge of mathematics, physics, mechanics, mechanics of fluids, thermomechanics, structure of materials, technology, etc.


  • Design of nuclear power equipment

Graduates acquire knowledge and experience for working in development, construction, production, operation and safety of nuclear power facilities and all other technical facilities, where there are radioactive fields. The study program aims to obtain necessary knowledge from mathematics, physics, chemistry, basis of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The elementary theoretical knowledge serve as a starting point to master professional subjects, such as: reactor physics, thermodynamics and nuclear reactors regulation, design and technological solution of nuclear power facilities etc. They also obtain education in the field of construction and assembly, entry into operation and operating safety of nuclear power facilities, the environmental influence of nuclear power plants etc. Graduates are prepared to participate as experts in implementation of both local and international nuclear energy projects.